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WE build aluminum passenger boats


The Philippine Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) has issued a CLASS A boat building certificate to AFPP Boats Manufacturing on January 7, 2021, Certificate No. SRS6-BBR-001-2021.


We use high-grade aluminum as material in building inter-island passenger boats.  The longetivity of aluminum is unparalleled with an estimated lifespan of 40 years, significantly outlasting both steel and fiber glass.  Its lightweight nature and remarkable malleability contribute to improved fuel efficiency and reduced operational cost.  Strength is another standout attribute of aluminum which ensures safety and reduced maintenance requirements, setting aluminum apart from the higher upkeep demands of steel and fiber glass passenger boats.


On June 29, 2021, the Philippine Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) granted AFPP Boats Manufacturing a permit to build MB Winner 8 which is scheduled for completion in January 2024.  It is a perfect solution for the modernization requirement under MARINA Circular No. 2016-02.

About us

AFPP BOATS MANUFACTURING is a sole proprietorship of Engineer Germonito G. Maulit, a licensed Chief Marine Engineer with more than 35 years of experience in the maritime industry.  AFPP BOATS MANUFACTURING specializes in the construction of aluminum inter-island passenger motorbancas.  These boats, as categorized by the Philippine Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), are designed for a maximum capacity of 100 passengers and have maximum weight of 100 metric tons.


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